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Cascadia Supermoto Round 2 2022- SKRA

Hello supermoto family! Round 2 at Spokane Kart Racing Association photos are posted! Saturday was a day of multiple weather changes. I'm very happy that you all were able to try out the dirt sections. SKRA looked like a blast and it will be crazy to see how much you all can cut off of lap times now versus when it finally starts to warm up. Thank you again for letting me come out and shoot with you. I really love the Cascadia community. You are one of the most close knit clubs I ever interacted with. It's amazing to see the lengths you all go to ensure each and every one of you has a good track weekend. As a reminder: Single photos $10 All photos for the day $50 (Buy 5 images of yourself in the art store and I will email you your full gallery) All photos for the Season $300 Click on the picture below to view the full gallery. Photos are grouped by rider. There were a few people who rode others bikes so the bike numbers won't be in any order Thank you all!

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