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Hello everyone! I decided to come out to show some love for the clubs that got my photo career started. This will be the only round that I can attend this year as I am busy with MotoAmerica and IMSA this year. However, I wanted to give something back to you guys. My website plugin won't let me post these images for free so I made every photo $1. There is one thing I care about more than the funds. Some of you know that I started a motorsports magazine called Speed Trap Magazine. In exchange for these photos please share and follow the pages below. Invite your friends to like the page and if you really want to help with support we have merchandise available for purchase in the Speed Trap Magazine Shop. We have men's t-shirts, women's t-shirts, hoodies, race suit patches, stickers and Hats and Beanies. Thank you all for helping me develop my craft. Sorry I did not have time to sort these by rider as I'm prepping to leave for Laguna Seca this week.

I will be reaching out to a few of you for interviews. Click here or the image below to access the gallery. I only shot photos on Saturday as I did not want to miss my son's soccer game Sunday morning <3 Facebook: Chroma Visual Facebook: Speed Trap Magazine Instagram: Chroma Visual Instagram: Speed Trap Magazine Website: Chroma Visual

Website: Speed Trap Magazine

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