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WMRRA Round 2/OMRRA Round 3 2022

Hello party people! This weekend I pulled a double header and did photos for two organizations 500 miles apart! It was a bit of a whirlwind but I was able to snap a few flix on Sunday at Portland International Raceway. Having been on the road for the past two months with MotoAmerica it was very nice to lighten the load on travel and visit our local tracks. The rain brought us some thrills and chills. At PIR it is always a challenging weekend when it rains. With that said pictures are now live! Single Images $10 All images for the day $60 (Buy 6 individual photos of one rider and I will send you the entire gallery) Photos are in numerical order from #3-#996. Click the photo below to access the gallery. :) Thanks again for supporting Chroma Visual.

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